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Swedish Massage

The most traditional relaxing massage; movements include gentle to firm pressure with long, relaxing and rolling strokes. Swedish massage increases circulation and lymphatic flow, aiding the body in cleansing itself of toxins. (30 min. $50, 60 min. $70)
Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic massage focuses on trigger points that can cause pain and is a great treatment to ensure relaxation. An excellent choice for athletes, not recommended for first-time massage. (30 min. $60, 60 min. $85)
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Pregnancy Massage

Special supports and caution are taken with those in the bliss of pregnancy. This massage eases back tension, relieves water retention in the legs, and calms the body, mind, and spirit while restoring balance to the endocrine system. (30 min. $55, 60 min. $75)
Hot Stone Massage

Based on ancient traditions, the body is massaged with smooth, hot stones to relax and stretch the muscles. The energy exchange between the stones and the tension in your body will leave you feeling reenergized and balanced. (60 min. $100)

Full Body Swedish Massage is also available in an Extended Session (90 min. $100)
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