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Body Treatments

Micro-Buff Body Polish

Micro-sized exfoliating beads buff away dry, flaky skin to reveal a beautifully soft and silky body. The beads are gentler to the skin than sea salts, making this exfoliation treatment perfect for sensitive or aged skin. The polish is customized with essential oils, enhancing the treatment with aromatherapy benefits. $55
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Kuoli Gelata Bodywrap

Eliminate dead skin cells and release impurities with this deliciously scented treatment. A gentle exfoliation is followed by an application of our best seaweed body mask. Relax in the thermal wrap as your body detoxifies with this unique blend of seaweed, rich in enzymes and minerals. Results are seen in improved elasticity, evened skin tone, and increased hydration. $85

Fitness Wrap

See and feel immediate results with this "inch loss" body wrap. Cotton linens are soaked in a warm, toxin-cleansing and penetrating aloe-herb solution, then wrapped around you in a non-compression, mummy-style fashion. The highly active concentrates will tone and tighten surface skin, boost cellular activity to restore elasticity and firmness, and encourage elimination of toxins through lymphatic cleansing. Optimal results are achieved when done in a series of 3-6 sessions. $100 each; discounts
given when scheduled in a series.
Hands-On Tan 

Protect yourself from the damaging effects of the sun or tanning beds, and still get the natural looking tan you desire. For optimal results, exfoliate first with our Body Polish treatment or with any of our at-home exfoliation products prior to your appointment. Ask about the necessary prep guidelines when scheduling. You can maintain your tan by taking a bottle of our “faux tan” home with you! ($50)

Ion Body Detox

This ion foot cleanse treatment utilizes positive and negatively charged ions to rid the body of toxins. For best results, a treatment series followed by maintenance sessions is highly recommended. Some of the health benefits include: Reduced inflammation & edema, improved sleep & memory, relief from arthritis, gout, and joint pain. 25 min. $45 (Discount given with series purchase)
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