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Tips and Toes

The "W" Signature Pedicure

Sit back and relax while we begin your pedicure with a warm, aromatic foot soak. Next, a creamy exfoliating scrub and mask sloughs away dry and callused skin leaving the legs and feet soft and velvety. A rich shea butter balm, extracted from exotic nuts is then massaged into the skin, providing extraordinary healing properties and suppleness. For the grand finale, feet are wrapped in heated towels and toes are polished to perfection. (75 min. $60)
Essential Spa Pedicure

The treatment your feet deserve! This pedicure includes a softening foot soak, an exfoliating scrub, a creamy, moisturizing foot massage, and a perfectly polished finish. The essential oils, sensory fragrances, and exfoliants used in this fabulous pedicure vary monthly. (50 min. $45)
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The "W" Signature Manicure

The most complete treatment to restore hands and nails to their natural strength and beauty. As you relax and take in the delightful aromas, you’ll receive a creamy exfoliating treatment, a silken paraffin dip followed by a warm towel wrap, an incredible hand massage with a rich, shea butter balm moisturizer, and completed with a perfectly polished "ten." (45 min. $35)
Essential Spa Manicure

A manicure that is truly essential! A detailed, grooming manicure combined with a variety of essential citrus and botanical oils to exfoliate and deeply moisturize the most exposed area of the body. We finish it all off by polishing your tips to perfection. (30 min. $25)
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