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Clinical Aesthetics

Cosmetic & Botox Treatments in San Angelo, TX

Botox® Cosmetic -View Before & Afters Here

Relaxes facial lines on the forehead, crowsfeet, neck and lips. Botox also helps those who suffer from excessive sweating under the arms, palms of hands, and the bottoms of feet. Additional studies have shown Botox to reduce the duration and intensity of migraine headaches.


Sclerotherapy is the process of eliminating telangiectasias ("spider-veins") of the legs by injecting a solution into the veins, thereby dissolving them.

Wrinkle Filler -View Before & Afters Here

Human Derived Collagen fillers and FDA approved Restalyne®, Radiesse® or Juvederm® are placed under the skin to "plump up" and fill in facial lines, providing a smoother, more youthful appearance.

*Additional clinical procedures include: Wart Treatment, Age Spot Removal, Acne/Cystic Skin Management, and Treatment of Rosacea and other common skin conditions.


Removal of skin tags and sebaceous glands.
Cosmetic Treatments San Angelo, TX
Botox Cosmetics San Angelo, TX
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Light "sanding" of the skin using fine crystals to rejuvenate and restore the skin’s elasticity. Results are similar to that of a rapid exfoliator, without the down time. Optimal results achieved in a series of 3-6 treatments.
Rapid Exfoliators

If quick results are desired, facial peels will improve skin’s texture, diminish age spots or pigmentation problems, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Please consult with our aestheticians if you are interested in a rapid exfoliation treatment. Depth of peel, expectations, cost, and a patch test are all evaluated during the consultation.
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